As a leading cellist of many years standing Peter Vel is uniquely qualified in maximising tonal qualities.

Cellos recently sold:

Eugenio Degani, Louis Guersan, Charles Bailly ,Fratelli Fiori, Kennedy, William Booth

Other cellos are available £1,500-8,000.

I can now supply very good pernambuco cello bows silver mounted at the very low price of £120. Perfect for a professional second bow ( or first!) I have recently commissioned cellos from China. these are chosen and adjusted by me personally. Price from £850 to £1300. Click on images to enlarge

Thomas Kennedy 1815

A good cello by Thomas Kennedy.Signed and dated, In good condition and newly refurbished by Colin Nichols, Because of non original head it is offered at a very reasonable price. Remarkable playing qualities.




Charles Plumerel c1860

Made in Marseille by this renowned maker. It is in near perfect condition and with one of the nicest back that I have ever seen. a special feature are the delightful ebony machine heads made in Birmingham. it carries a letter of authenticity from Peter Biddulph.


plucellobplus 001


Neuner and Hornsteiner  C1860

A good cello by this renowned maker. In good condition with typical deep red varnish.It carries a letter of authenticity Great playing qualities




 German cello circa 1890

An excellent German cello .Very good condition and with superb pretty back. Golden brown varnish and with a sound to match its looks.




Westbury cello outfit

A Westbury outfit including a good bow and soft case. This cello has the benefit of Knilling geared pegs, upgraded strings and bridge